Friday, 23 May 2014

Simple steps to automate test cases using robotium

  1. Create one workspace or Directory named as “Workspace_Robotium”
  2. Start eclipse.
  3. Choose workspace.
  4. New -> Project -> New Project -> Android application project
  5. Application Name -> “Testing”
  6. Project Name -> “Testing_Robotium
  7. Next ...
  8. New -> Android Test Project
    Project Name -> “Testing”
    Next . Select “this project”
  9. Copy/ Take Apk to test
  10. Open as Archive
  11. Delete META-INF file
  12. Change the sign and install the Apk
    1. Copy ~/.android/debug.keystore to apk containing directory.
    2. jarsigner -verbose -keystore debug.keystore ApkUnderTest.apk androiddebugkey
    3. jarsigner -verify ApkUnderTEst.apk
    4. Create tmp Folder
    5. zipalign -v 4 ApkUnderTest.apk tmp\ApkUnderTest.apk
    6. adb install tmp/ApkUnderTest.apk
  13. Android Test project
    1. Build Path-> android Build path
  14. Android test Project
    1. Change Activity launch name
    2. Change Android Manifest .xml file \
    3. <instrumentation
    This you will get it from Logcat.
  15. Make a class and Paste the code.
package com.example.testing_robotium.test;

import android.test.ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2;
import android.view.View;


public class Test_sensor_simple extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 {

// this is the name of the Activity u are launching i.e the main activity of the android App
// u have to place the name of the main activity of the application under test .

private static final String LAUNCHER_ACTIVITY_FULL_CLASSNAME = "";
// this will check if the Activity u have mentioned is present on the Device
private static Class launcherActivityClass;
static {
try {
launcherActivityClass = Class
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
throw new RuntimeException(e);

public Test_sensor_simple() throws ClassNotFoundException {

//initialize the Robot class
private Solo solo;

// this is to start the activity which need to be Tested
protected void setUp() throws Exception {
solo = new Solo(getInstrumentation(), getActivity());

public void testDisplayBlackBox1() {
solo.clickOnText("Game", 3);

// this is the test Cases

//this is to close the Activity After the Test cases are completed
public void tearDown() throws Exception {


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