Wednesday, 18 September 2013

kernel compilation steps for grub

1) check whether .config is there or not then generate it by
make menuconfig 
change the configurations and save that

2) generated then put it into the /boot/
with the name suitable for creating the initrd image i.e config-<version name>
eg. config-3.6.9

3) then make -j 8,4,12 or no need to give -j ...( only make )
it will give the vmlinux image ( not needed )

4) create another compresssed image
bzImage by 
make bzImage 

5) put this into the /boot/ with cahnging the name
understandable to the grub

you can  do make modules && make modules install but after this no need to use 7th step  it will automatically create initrd image in /boot/

6) update-grub 

7) update-initramfs -c -k <version-name> (((( 3.6.9 ))))
if not using make modules && make modules install

8) update-grub 

9) init 6 - restart 

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